BeysBundlesWe are very proud to announce our brand new partnership with THE queen bey, Beyoncé! With the help of Mrs. Carter, Shea Moisture will be introducing a new line of beautiful hair extensions to our product mix! The hair extensions will be available starting July 17, 2017 and will come in an array of textures from silky straight to kinky curly and EVERYTHING in between.

In addition to the release of the extensions, Shea Moisture will be partnering with beauty salons and beauty bloggers across the U.S. to put on hair shows with live tutorials and services for customers! For a flat fee of $300, all you Shea Moisturizers and Members of the Beyhive will receive entry to a show in your area, a live tutorial from your favorite beauty blogger, two packs of hair and an optional one hour session with a professional stylist. On top of all of that, the first 100 customers to sign up for a show in their city will receive a free copy of Beyoncé’s latest album and a signed copy of her forthcoming album! We’re happy to offer only the absolute best for our loyal customers. All that we ask is that you leave your honest opinions on the event, via our Shea Video Booth, after attending.

In addition to receiving honest feedback, we at Shea Moisture love being completely open and honest with all of our customers. With this being said, we’re very proud to share the logistics of how the hair will be acquired and how the money will be split as the process aligns with our values of natural, cruelty-free products. The extensions will be 100% human hair sourced from our community commerce partners in Malaysia, the Dominican Republic and Cameroon. All women that provide the extensions and receive both a flat fee of 500 dollars per inch of hair and 15% of the overall proceeds.For both Beyoncé and our Shea Moisture brand, it’s not about the money. Our goal is to provide our customers with natural, beautiful products that make them feel their best!

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BREAKTHEWALLSImagine being in the beauty aisle of your local supermarket. You just need a few simple products like shampoo, conditioner and a good moisturizer. You know, normal stuff. You look high and low but only see the same brands that only seem to cater to the same two hair textures. As you scan the aisle up and down, you begin to lose hope… But wait! Your eyes come across a familiar sign that reads “ethnic”.

This “ethnic” section has become something that you’ve grown to accept, even though you know you deserve better. This section is pretty different from the rest of the aisle. For starters, it only includes a few generic products that don’t really suit your hair and beauty needs/goals. On top of that, it’s so small that you almost miss it. Every time. Even though the “ethnic” section has been one of the few constant throughout your entire life Shopping for hair and beauty products can go from a seemingly simple, or even fun, errand to a confidence-shattering experience.

Here at Shea Moisture, we’re trying to change this. We don’t want anyone to ever feel like they are an outsider. We don’t want anyone to ever feel like they don’t matter. We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to break down walls to reach equality.

Let’s put an end to allowing people to feel like outsiders. We’re happy to announce that our products are geared toward any and every hair texture! Whether your hair is kinky curly or silky straight, we’ve got what you need! Join us as we venture into a new, more inclusive world of hair and beauty products!

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